Astrology Notes

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Astrology Notes

Over the years, I've jotted down some notes about various bits of wisdom concerning Astrology.   These bits and pieces came from various sources and not knowing I'd ever use them for anything besides my own personal reference; I neglected to note the source.  I am not the author of this information.  If you know who wrote these observations please let me know, so that proper credit may be given.


The Sun- God the Father.

The Moon- God the Mother.

Jupiter- God the Giver.

Venus- God the Lover.

Mars- God the Striver.

Mercury- God the All Knowing.

Saturn- God the Teacher.

Uranus-God the Creator.

Neptune- God the Spirit.

Pluto- God the All Powerful

NEPTUNE-  It feels like a disturbance of the self, a sense that things aren't as they seem and that something is amiss.  Neptune deals with the shadowey, the hidden, the surreal, the coheric. Uranus- comes along and shatters the beliefs that no longer work, then Neptune hovers over the rubble and makes us aware that we have the innate power to create our own realities through what we believe.  The awareness comes to us intuitively, psychicically and spiritually.

Mars- Spirit incased in matter...It is your way of radiating light and power-  It is the heart which pumps the blood.

Pluto- The volcano

Mars is the thrust.... Pluto is the ejaculation.

Notes about the sign of Libra

Libra is the scales, the yoke (burden) , claws, zygote (the gernination of the egg...conception).

0~~~~0 The beam...that which joins.  The chariot which transported Persephone to Hades..the liasion ie. connection between two people.  It is the balance between purity and the vissitudes of Hell. It is he who judges, rules, it's justice and it's guilelessness.

Leo...the question mark..?  sickle.  The heart of the lion, the Little King, three suns that appear as one. Lord of the Jungle or the Cowardly Pussycat. The Heart, The Constant Flame.

Sun... Spirit that incarnates in matter. The Nucleus of Being. The Father Soul. Ehe Heart of Matter.  Heart of the Circulation of life. The Soverign Authority. The King.

Moon...The Receptor,The Container, The Bowl, The Cup, The Womb, The Feelings.

Mercury...The Word, The Child of the Sun and Moon. The Messenger Child of the Cosmic Mother and Father.  The mediator between pairs of opposites.

Venus..The Tempter, Love and Beauty, The Desire Nature, The Mateing Call, The Creative Instinct, Courtship.

Mars... The Agressor, The Warrior, The Adventurer, The Explorer.

Mars...Agriculture and war- It rules the farmer as well as the warrior..The root word mar or mas, signifies the generative force. 

Mars...Roman myths- generally well known functions, but we don't often think of Mars as the God of agriculture. ARES.. Beligererant- A lover of strife. His consorts are Deimos (fear), Eris (strife), his beligerance and violent nature finds a counterpart in the feminine goddess Athene, who was cool, intelegent and courageous.  These two were constantly opposed to each other and were often on opposite sides in battle.  Athene was the stronger of the two and won over him.  The beligerant Mars rarely won in combat and he didn't do well with women either.  He was in love with Aphrodite, who belonged to Hesphaestus and had an affair with her.  He was caught at it and publically shamed and the pair was made a laughingstock.  His children met violent deaths.

Aries--rivers into the oceans of Pisces, then raises the level of the water up over the land.  All the stuff man collects from his experiances overflows and becomes his motivating force.

Saturn- Is about our opportunities and restrictions.  Saturn is about what we give power to in our lives, in the outer world.  On the earth plain, we are working to clarify our relationship with God,  and spiritual teachers tell us that God is Love.  So the more we love, the more we are of God, the more we are like God.  So what keeps us from being more loving?  It's the conditions WE put on things, the restrictions. So..., It is we who tend to put conditions on love.

Neptune-Everyone is spirit and Neptune is spiritual communion.  Neptune blends each drop of water into the whole.  It is the higher octave of Venus.  If Venus is love, then Neptune is the greater love. Neptune is spiritual experiance.  Neptune is being blissfully one.  A communication with the whole and with the spirits of others.  With Neptune we drink the nector of Heaven and spiritual love, enjoy ecstatic states and divine madness.  Everyone has Neptune somewhere and everyone is spirit.  Neptune is mystical union at a spiritual level.  Neptune flows into the world but is not of it.  in the Neptune experiance, mind and heart become one with the quality for that time, sowing seeds for the future.  This is the creative force.  Out of this comes the embodiment of love, courage, etc.  It is the spontaneous and sincere love.